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Ing. Frans M.M. Cuppen
Voorhuis 9
NL 9205 BD Drachten
Tel/Fax: +31 (0)512 514705
Email: On request by telephone
Mobile: +31 (0)6 21247888
Expertise and activities of Energie Management Consult, Drachten

Energie Management Consult, seated in Drachten is a creative engineering consultant in the field of energy saving and sustainable energy application. Projects are made in health care, businesses, elderly homes and sport facilities

Creativity, as used by Energie Management Consult, often results in unexpected, custom made solutions for energy saving sustainable energy supply.

Some reference projects (high-efficient heat recovery and ultrasonic air humidification).
  • Hotel Restaurant van der Valk, Zuidbroek (Groningen)
  • Medical Centre Leeuwarden
  • Office Rijkswaterstaat, Grou
  • Swimmingpool De Beemden, Bedum
  • Paint factory Koopmans, Marrum
  • Psychiatric hospital, Deventer

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